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Offering a range of photography services and working with individuals and small businesses to internationally recognised establishments. Please get in touch if you like what you see.



Documentary Photography

My main passion is documentary photography. It allows me to travel and explore while engaging with a range of people, cultures and issues. Being born in Trinidad, growing up in England and through my projects in many other countries has diversified my outlook and understanding of life. My projects have mainly involved portraits of people in different walks of life, from the homeless and victims of leprosy to inspirational women and Cornish fishermen. I want to share important stories and spark debate on modern controversial issues from human rights and social equality, to the struggling environment and the rise of veganism. I am available for commission internationally.

Editorial Photography

I photograph for various magazines, newspapers, websites and online publications, photographing front covers, features and important news stories. Some clients include MACO Magazine, The Guardian Newspaper TT and Konbini.

I enjoy the process of working with writers so the photographs I create supports and reflects the story and text written for the the feature. My work usually illustrates factual stories therefore the integrity of the image is crucial with the need to capture the essence of the scene and story being told, inline with the vision of the client. See Publications page for more examples.

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Photography for Businesses

I love working with small, independent businesses and capturing their individuality and quirks. Whether it be for a new menu or catalogue, your website or advertising; it is important for every business to have high quality photographs to make a good impression.

I can capture any aspect of the business: the employers and employees, products, events, behind the scenes, or all!

Event Photography

Let’s Party. Weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, baby showers, conferences, whisky tastings, restaurant pop-ups, fundraisers, festivals. You name it, I’ll be there, I love a good party.

For each event, I capture the personalities and atmosphere of each occasion so that you can remember these special moments forever.

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Portrait Photography

Being a pretty laid back person myself, I aim to get the subject relaxed and at ease in front of the lens so that they feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. I want to capture the true essence of that person and portray that individual as their natural self, bringing my own perspective, their character and also interpreting the brief by the creative team. Slightly candid ones are my favourite. I take portraits of interesting faces and characters I meet as well as artist’s portraits, business portraits, head-shots and family portraits. See more on Portraits page.

Food, Drink & Product Photography

I have worked for clients such as Downright Delicious, Dianne’s Tea Shop, John Gordon’s Whisky and Wine Bar and Para Mi where they have used these photographs for their websites and advertising. The Para Mi Cologne Aftershave featured in Elle Magazine and GQ.

I have even created some art-styled videos looking into vegan eating which were screened at The Wilson Art Gallery in Cheltenham, UK.


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